Best Vape Pens and Vaporizers

Vape pens and vaporizer pens can be used for a number of things. Some people use them to vape e-liquid, whereas other people use them with dry herbs, waxes or oils. Some vaporizers are compatible with all three mediums, hence called 3-to-1 vaporizers. To put together this list, we tried all of the different models out there and picked the best device in its own category.

Let’s start to look at the best vape pens and vaporizer pens on the market for 2017. All of these vaporizers and vape pens have been tested and reviewed by our team. We reviewed over 20 of the most popular vaporizer pens and narrowed down the list to the top 10. If there is a device we missed and you feel it should have been included, leave us a comment and we’ll consider adding your suggestion to this list.

Best Vaporizers and Vape Pens Comparison Chart 2017

Device Price Rating Buy
V2 Pro Series $169 98% Visit site »
Pax 2 $279 97% Visit site »
Vaporfi Orbit $99 95% Visit site »
Vaporfi Pro 2 $58 92% Visit site »
CloudV Phantom $109 90% Visit site »
Apollo vTube $129 87% Visit site »
NJOY $129 79% Visit site »

A vape pen, essentially functions in a similar manner as an e-cigarette would, with only two notable exceptions. To begin with, like the name suggests a vape “pen” is more bulkier and very much resembles a usually pen. Secondly, apart from e-liquids, it can also work well with concentrates, dry herbs, oils and even waxes. As would be expected, there happens to be a wide variety of such vaping products that are currently available in the market. This means you need to settle for only high quality vape pens from reputable brands, which can live up to the marketing assertions of their makers.

Typically, if you are a heavy vaper, your vape pens will suffer from wear and tear in a relatively short period of time. In most circumstances, you will find yourself in a position of needing to replace components like cartridges, atomizers, chargers and batteries on a frequent basis. Some of the poor units can begin to exhibit issues in just a week after purchase, while some of the best, within the first month after purchase. It is therefore very important that you make sure you select only the very best vape pens available to do away or significantly minimize this risk. To which end, the following is a review of some of the highly acclaimed vaporizer pens that you may like to give a try.

V2 Pro Series

Best Vape Pen: V2Pro Series7 Vape Pen

This is a multi-medium vape pen that is manufactured and marketed by VMR products company. It can work with e-juice, and by opting for extra attachments like a loose leaf or wax canister, you can also utilize it with loose leaves and even concentrates. This definitely can assist you to obtain the very best buzz that is devoid of the troublesome smoke that characterizes traditional cigarettes. As such, the V2 Pro series strives to offer the best of both worlds. It is of a high quality, relatively affordable and even portable to boot. This device has a height of just under 6” tall, and its circumference is around of an inch. It also weighs a paltry two ounces. This undeniably makes its appearance pretty standard like. Yet unlike most other alternative, it uses a distinctive approach to the mundane operations of its electrical components.

To this end, its mouthpiece and tank can be effortlessly pulled out of the body as a single component, which is held in position by a diminutive magnet. The USB cable charger that is included in the package can also be attached to this good example of best vaporizer pens via another diminutive magnet. This means that you will find nothing to screw or unscrew in or out of place, which is a stark contrast from almost all of the vape pens that are available in the market. More to the point, it also does away with the potent risk of waxes or dry herb oils finding their way into the seams of the unit and causing a malfunction.

The V2 Pro series comes with a 1.6ml tank that can provide up to 800 puffs per fill. All you will ever need to do to operate it, is insert your e-juice into the canister, reassemble the unit, and you are good to go! This vaping device is powered by a 650 mAh rechargeable battery, which can be controlled through its single button. Ideally, its heating unit is in a good position of achieving maximum temperatures as high as 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Pax 2 by PAX

The last item in this best vaporizer pens review is undoubtedly the Pax by Ploom vaping device that has witnessed unprecedented success in vaping circles. It is one of the very best dry herb vaporizer that is highly noted for integrating a very sleek and also stylish design. At the same time, this unit is acclaimed for been very advanced when it is contrasted with most other vape pens, which fall under its price range. This certainly means that this product comes with several ingenious and distinctive features, which clearly puts it a cut above the rest of the pack.

Pax-2-vaporizer - best vaporizer 2016

Its diminutive size makes it very convenient for you to tag it along whenever you may wish to go. Additionally, the Pax by Ploom is noted for been very user-friendly, and you can activate it or deactivate it with just a single press of its power button. When it comes to its efficiency and overall performance, you will be able to obtain remarkable outcomes with as little as 0.2 g amount of dry herb in its herb chamber, which will provide you with ten excellent draws. Alternatively, you can fill this herb chamber to its maximum capacity of 0.4 g, which equates to at least no less than twenty powerful draws.

The battery life of the Pax by Ploom dry herb vape pen is relatively exceptional, especially if you happen to be a heavy vaper. Ideally, you can obtain an uninterrupted vaping experience of at least one hour all from a single fully charged battery. This rechargeable battery can be fully charged after a period of just one hour, which is another stark contrast from most other alternatives that are available in the market. Finally, this vaping device is also very discreet largely due to its, earlier mentioned, diminutive design. This attribute makes the Pax by Ploom an excellent choice for individuals who may love vaping while on the move.

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Apollo vTube 5.0

Another excellent example of one of the top vape pens that are currently in the market is the Apollo vTube 5.0. This device is generally what is known as a regulated tube mod that is capable of firing up to an electrical power of 50 Watts. At the same time, it can also fire down to a resistance of 0. 2 ohms. This of course makes it an ideal combo device, which can work with both e-liquid as well as sub ohm tanks. This state of affairs has naturally made it extremely popular among those vapers who aren’t happy with utilizing mechanical mods with their favorite sub ohm tanks.


The Apollo vTube 5.0 is a bit heavier than most other products of this nature, but this only attests to its superior quality. You can certainly rest assured that, it will never break even if you accidentally drop it several times. This unit also comes with a copper spring loaded pin that enables it to be seamlessly compatible with almost all sub ohm tanks. It also features an ego threading, which allows it to be used with either 510s or even standard ego threaded clearomizers. The whole package includes a vTube 5.0, a sub ohm clearomizer, a Panasonic 18650 PF battery, a TrustFire dual 18650 charger. A 30ml bottle of Max VG e-juice or a 30ml bottle of Fa-Q el-liquid or a 30ml bottle of Lindbergh high VG e-juice. From which you can conveniently choose the right one that matches your tastes and preferences.

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VaporFi Pro 2


This happens to be a very stylish and great performing ego vape pen, which can be the best option for all budding vapers. Along with those vapers who don’t want to use the heavy box mods or large APVs that have flooded the vaping market. When it comes to design, the standard pro 2 starter kit features a delightful black finish. It is also covered with rubber matte material, which facilitates for easy and convenient handling. You can obtain this vape pen in different colors from that of the standard starter kit. If you wish, you can also mix and match the exact colors in between its tank and battery. This can go a long way in permitting you to obtain a more personalized look.

As for performance, the VaporFi Pro 2 is highly noted for producing plenty of vapor, and it also offers a very intense throat hit that enables it to imitate the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. This device comes with a 1.5ml tank, which makes it lightweight by efficiently maintaining its weight ratio. The whole package includes 650 mAh, 3.7 V battery, a Pro-L cartomizer, an USB charging cable, a wall charging adapter. 3 extra atomizers, a user manual and a membership card. This vaping unit comes with a 90 day warranty together with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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VaporFi Orbit

This product is undeniably the very best dry herb vaporizer you could ever settle for. Its design is noticeably much more bulkier than most of the standard vape pens you could ever find currently in the market. This means that you can be able to conveniently fill in much more dry herbs into its sizeable herb chamber.

Its operation is also very simplistic when compared to other similar alternatives. After filling in the herb chamber, all you will need to do is press the power button 5 times successively to be able to activate this vaping device. Its LED indicator will then turn red, and pressing and holding the power button for three additional seconds, will turn the LED indicator green. Finally, by pressing on the power button again and holding it for another three seconds, the indicator light will turn blue.

vaporfi orbit top herbal vaporizer

These three colors, as you probably, must have guessed by now are varying indicators of the exact heat setting in which the VaporFi Orbit can be set to. The red color represents the lowest temperature that this unit can be set to, which stands at 360 degrees Fahrenheit. While the blue light represents the highest temperature that this unit can be set to, and it stands at 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

The whole package of the VaporFi Orbit comes with a mouthpiece cover that can greatly minimize the temperature your lips are exposed to even when the device is set even to the maximum heat setting. It also includes a pack of five extra mesh screens, as this particular component of this product may require replacement every now and then.

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Cloud V Phantom

The cloud V Phantom is another instance of some of the top vape pens, which you could ever settle for. In essence, it is specifically designed to work only with dry herbs, unlike most other alternative that can also work with e-liquids. This vaping device integrates an exceptional build, and naturally feels very well when you grasp it in your palm. It comes with a single heat setting of 420 degrees Fahrenheit, which is undoubtedly very high in every sense of the term. This high temperature also means that the Cloud V Phantom is in an excellent position of producing plenty of visible and thick vapors.


Its operation is also very user-friendly. To be able to fill the herb chamber, you will be required to just unscrew the bottom half of this vaping device. There happen to be two options when it comes to the exact amount of dry herbs you can settle for while using this unit. These are quite simply the 2g or 3g amount of the dry herbs you are keen on vaping. The battery life of the Cloud V Phantom can be considered to be average, and a three hour charge will allow you to enjoy at least forty five minutes of an uninterrupted vaping experience.

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NJOY Vaporizer

The NJOY vaporizer is an excellent instance of a top-rated vape pen for e-liquid, you could ever find. Typically, this product is a disposable vape pen, which is powered by a rechargeable battery and it can work with pre-filled cartridges. Its starter kit that is to be had at a very jaw dropping cost, includes everything you may need to embark on an exciting vaping experience. This of course includes items such as the aforementioned battery, a charging cable and from one to three cartridges.

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Best Vaporizer Pens List Conclusion

As you can evidently see, the very best vape pens out there come in different styles, functionalities, sizes, heat settings, build to mention but a few properties. What all this really means is that, despite your exact needs and inclinations, you can be able to find the right solution for your requirements.

From most of the vaping devices reviewed in this article, you may have also discovered that most of them come with additional components. This means that should the vape pen you bought begin to show signs of attrition, you can conveniently replace most of the critical parts, without having to break into a bank.